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GK Icon Consultants

Ben Foster - Professional Goalkeeper

GK Icon is very proud to have the backing one of the best goalkeepers in the UK right now - Ben Foster.

Ben has risen through the ranks of the professional game at an alarming rate and knows the benefits of expert goalkeeper coaching from a young age. He has this to say about GK Icon:


"The ideas put forth with this project are certainly different from what has been offered and have the potential to develop keepers in a way unknown before. I know how easy it is to pick up bad habits when progressing through the ranks but with the coaches recruited to help push this project I have no doubt this will be unrivalled in the world of Goalkeeping".

Ben has been very forthcoming in giving his ideas and advice in order for GK Icon to have compiled a fantastic library of Goalkeeping drills, including many of his personal favourites, many of which are in the distribution category.

It goes without saying that we are delighted to be able to have not only the backing of Ben but to be able to call on him on a consultancy basis. His playing record so far is nothing short of extraordinary and we've no doubt he has many more fantastic years to come.

Scott Loach - Professional Goalkeeper

We were able to convince an England full international to put his name to this in the shape of Ben Foster, so we decided to try to convince another who seems destined to repeat Ben's feat at some point in the future.

In Scott Loach we were able to do exactly that and in truth it didn’t take much convincing. He says:

 "I’ve seen the plans for GK Icon and you can’t help but be impressed. I was fortunate to make it to the level that I have having only a fraction of what is available to those who choose to attend one of the goalkeeper courses offered".

Scott possesses many of the attributes that we at GK Icon will be looking to promote in young keepers. He is imposing, quick on his feet, and a fantastic shot stopper as well as an accurate distributer of the ball. He truly is a superb role model for younger goalkeepers looking to make the grade and we’re not only happy that he’s agreed to put his name to this but also that he was willing to offer some of his thoughts on a variety of goalkeeper drills offered in order to ensure that GK Icon offers only the very best.

Dr Dave Alred MBE - Kicking Coach

Dave Alred has been associated with top-level sport for many years now, he is perhaps most famously known for his work with Jonny Wilkinson and more recently Luke Donald. He has specialised in the art of 'performing under intense pressure', although more precisely with Jonny Wilkinson the work was in regards to perfecting the technique of kicking.

GK Icon have accepted that it's essential that the goalkeeper's of today are able to distribute the ball with accuracy and distance, therefore it was important for us to recruit someone with a wealth of experience on the subject – so we recruited the very best.

"I’m delighted to be associated with GK Icon; I hope to pass on my knowledge on not only the kicking aspect of Goalkeeping but also the ability to perform to the very highest level under intense pressure".

Dave has helped in the creation of a DVD which delves in to what techniques can be practiced to help improve ones kicking technique, each goalkeeper coach will receive this DVD in order to help pass on this priceless knowledge.

He says: "I would like to try and convey my ethos of what it takes to be not only a very knowledgeable coach but a very productive one and believe me there is a difference.  It’s one thing knowing what an athlete is doing incorrectly, it’s quite another to be able to pass on that information in a way that will be accepted and acted upon. Not forgetting to mention a style of coaching that will get the best out of every individual that has made the decision to improve their game".

It seems that in Dave Alred, GK Icon has recruited far more than just a kicking coach and an addition we are incredibly excited about!

Kevin Hitchcock - Goalkeeping Coach

In order for GK Icon to claim that it is the world’s premier goalkeeping business we knew we’d have to recruit a top-level goalkeeper coach or two. So that’s what we did!

Kevin Hitchcock enjoyed a highly successful career, most of which was spent at Chelsea before taking the step into goalkeeper coaching. He followed Gianluca Vialli into Watford and assumed the position of Goalkeeping coach, he then moved to Blackburn before a spell at Manchester City and West Ham United.

Kevin has worked with the very best including Shay Given, Rob Green and Brad Friedel and is fully aware of what is required in order to be the best:

Having had several world renowned coaches myself I have been able to take the best of what they all had to offer and I'm more than happy to share these ideas with GK Icon and the young keepers who have the opportunity of attending a course."

Kevin has had a large input into many of the goalkeeper drills you will experience when attending one of the many GK Icon course across the world.

Kevin Mincher - Psychology Coach


Kevin’s primary work is in the field of psychology of teenagers and is therefore well suited for this project, but he’s certainly not new to the world of football. In fact Kevin’s father is the current psychologist for England under 21’s and Kevin himself was an apprentice at Sheffield Untied as a youngster and is keen to pass on some of his knowledge to budding goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches alike.

Kevin has several fantastic products currently available, many of which can be found via his business 'Unstoppable teen' (, most of which have significant benefits to not only improving one’s mindset on the field but also off it.

In Kevin we have sourced the perfect man to fill the role of GK Icon’s psychology coach.

Jason Vale - Nutritionist

When GK Icon decided that we needed to link up with a nutritionist, we knew that any nutritionist wouldn’t do. We needed someone who could connect with those involved with GK Icon, so we were looking for someone young, energetic and living proof of what good nutrition can do for you - and I’m happy to say we found him.

Jason Vale has worked with the very best and some of the most famous. His portfolio includes working with Katie Price amongst others and he is well aware of the impact nutrition has on today’s sportsmen.

Some may know Jason as the ‘juice guy’ and he has opened several of his juice bars around the country and is continuing to open them at a rapid rate.

Jason currently has several products out that would be of fantastic benefit to not only goalkeepers but anyone looking to improve their health and feel more alive than every before.

Check out his website at

Andrew Rolls - Physiotherapist

GK Icon’s concept has attracted one of the most forward thinking physiotherapist’s in the game right now – Andy Rolls.

Andy is the head physiotherapist at West Ham United and knows first hand the pitfalls that can await you if under prepared:
"The majority of injuries in the modern game can be avoided. Muscle strains and tears are becoming less frequent and in most cases good preparation can mean far less time off the field and inevitably a much longer playing career".
Some injuries are unfortunately unavoidable and this is where you have the access to Andy Roll's rehabilitation centre. Andy says: "I recently opened the centre to help those not performing at a professional level to be able to have access to a professional service. If attending our centre isn’t possible for whatever reason I would also be more than happy to recommend someone in your area who could offer you a fantastic service also".

Colin Barnes - Goalkeeping Coach

Although not a household name, Colin Barnes has a wealth of knowledge to call upon and is one of the very few goalkeeping coaches who can boast having an ‘A’ license coaching badge, the very highest badge available.

We were therefore delighted that Colin would put his name forward to the GK Icon project and he is just as enthusiastic to be involved:

"I have a passion for coaching goalkeepers. Having been a coach for a number of years now, I'm delighted to see the work I've put in with young goalkeepers come to fruition - Richard Lee, Alex McCarthy, Ben Hamer just to mention a few. This project excites me and I'm more than happy to pass on my knowledge in mission to improve a young keeper's game."

Colin is currently working with several clubs, Reading in particular, where his work with the youth is paying dividends as Reading continue to produce an array of young goalkeeping talent.

Alec Chamberlain - Goalkeeping Coach

Alec Chamberlain amassed just shy of 800 games in a career than spanned in excess of 20 years. Still the current goalkeeper coach of Watford FC, GK Icon was delighted when Alec agreed to join the ranks on a consultancy basis.

Alec has helped in allowing GK Icon to film some of the goalkeeper coaching he does, which forms part of the GK Icon Goalkeeping Bible.

Alec's thoughts on the project are as follows:

"Anything designed to help the progression of young goalkeepers in a positive manner is good for everyone"

Find out more about Alec's playing career by visiting

Mathew Monte Colombo - Strength & Conditioning

The art of goalkeeping has changed significantly in recent years. Certain fundamentals still apply but the emphasis on explosive power is greater than ever and therefore we considered a knowledgeable Strength and Conditioning coach to be a must – and we have exactly that.

Mathew Monte Colombo, or ‘Monte’ as he’s affectionately known is currently the S&C coach at West Ham United, working on performance related training with Rob Green (England), Marek Stech (Czech U21) whilst also playing a large role in the rehabilitation of Peter Kurucz after ACL reconstruction (Hungary U21). He previously worked at Watford FC and was instrumental in the development of many of the budding Watford stars (Scott Loach being amongst them) and he knows full well what effect a well-structured training program can have on a young goalkeeper

Several of the drills you will experience when attending a GK Icon course have Monty’s influence; drills that will leave you feeling fatigued in the morning but will have an incredible effect on your performance.

Dr Akbar de Medici – Lower Limb Support

Akbar de Medici, the medical director of ECAL, is delighted to be assisting GK Icon by providing the professional support to goalkeepers required to maintain their lower limb health.

"The members of GK Icon will benefit from our experience of working in professional sport, a clinically proven GC sock, and access to the extensive network of medical professionals associated with the company and the university". (for all lower limb compression requirements) (for any medical lower limb enquiries)

Andy Elleray - Goalkeeping Analyst

Andy Elleray, is GK Icon's goalkeeping analyst, having been involved in Sports Science and Professional Football for a number of years, Andy has conducted plenty of research into goalkeeping and the required attributes to be successful.

Throughout his university education he looked in the coaching of goalkeepers but through his Masters degree he undertook specific video analysis research looking into the biomechanics of goalkeeping and how the use of video software could enhance performance.

Andy has worked with youth international goalkeepers whilst working with high profile, experienced goalkeeper coaches. Andy was invited to present his work at a prestigious research summit in Worcester where his findings were viewed positively and seen as innovative.

Using the latest in video analysis software and his own specifically designed systems the goalkeeper's performance has never been examined so in-depth.
Fuelled by his passion for goalkeeping and using scientific measures, Andy hopes to aid and assist the development of young goalkeepers in England. 

For more information Andy visit his website

Gavin Wilson - Sports Performance Coach

Gavin is one of the UK’s premier Sports Performance coaches and has achieved outstanding results in enhancing the sporting performances of athletes, coaches and teams by assessing, evaluating and developing strategies using the latest psychological techniques available worldwide to enhance confidence, motivation, mental toughness and focus.

As a qualified FA goalkeeper coach with a wealth of experience of sport, psychology, leadership, coaching and personal development, Gavin is ideally placed to understand the demands, pressures and expectations of goalkeepers. Gavin’s work has helped him develop the complete spectrum of goalkeepers, from the young novice just starting life between the sticks to some of the top professionals currently gracing the game.

Gavin has an obvious passion for goalkeeping, having been on the books of Plymouth Argyle in his younger days, and fully understands the mental demands and the emotional roller coaster that goalkeepers face. This is further helped by the fact that Gavin has a young son who is a promising goalkeeper, currently linked with a professional club, who like all keepers experiences the highs and lows that go hand in hand with being a keeper.

Gavin bring all of this experience and knowledge to the fore when working with goalkeepers to give them the edge, as goalkeeping success is the most mentally demanding position in sport. Gavin will give you the tools and techniques to achieve an enhanced level of goalkeeping performance.

As well as goalkeepers, Gavin has also personally worked with a wide range of sports people as well as business leaders, television personalities, actors and politician. Gavin has also produced a hugely popular CD and MP3, entitled “Eye On The Ball”, specifically for goalkeepers.

For more information about Gavin and the services he offers to goalkeepers please visit his website at

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