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GK Icon Overview

When looking at top goalkeepers of the modern era they all share certain attributes that make a world-class goalkeeper. Solid technique on handling, distribution, agility, speed and the spring needed to move around the goalmouth. The best goalkeepers also have the presence needed to fill those around them with confidence, knowing that they have a capable, calm and assured figure behind them, not to mention arguably the most important attribute a goalkeeper will posses - having the character to deal with the ups and downs the life of a goalkeeper is sure to experience.

Our belief is that there are certain advantages that some are born with but the majority can be learned through dedicated, focused hard work, and that’s where GK Icon comes in…

Goalkeeper Coaching and Training - Multi-Discipline Approach

Experts in the fields of yoga, psychology, nutrition, physiotherapy, kicking, strength and conditioning as well as a leading sports agency have all had their input into the creation of the GK Icon program.

Each GK Icon coach will receive a GK Icon manual packed full of drills as well as content/e-books from these various fields in order to help train our goalkeepers in a way that will allow them the greatest opportunity of reaching their potential.

The art of goalkeeping has changed: today’s top goalkeepers are finely tuned athletes, GK Icon is here with one simple mission statement – to create the very best goalkeepers of the future.

GK Icon - A New Approach to Goalkeeping Coaching

We can promise that a goalkeeping training session with GK Icon will be different from anything you will have done before; we will place more emphasis on speed, agility and spring than most and can promise that you will feel more powerful and confident in your game than ever before. Each of our coaches is armed with a variety of goalkeeping drills/exercises that are designed to stretch players out of their comfort zones and ultimately help improve them in all areas of their development.
In England there is a stereotypical idea of an English keeper being tall and immobile, but the goalkeepers we want to create would be more in the mould of an Iker Cassillas, Shay Given or Pepe Reyna. These players truly are athletes possessing all the ingredients that are desired in the modern goalkeeper.

GK Icon Goalkeeper Training Methods

GK Icon goalkeeper training methods will focus on techniques such as the variety of distribution open to a goalkeeper; our coaches will give techniques and drills that will increase explosive leg power enabling players to make saves like never before.

We’ll help improve diving technique so that there is no fear in throwing yourself to the floor, knowing that you’ll land safely and gracefully, and most importantly we’ll help to instill the positive attitude and confidence that we know is vital to any goalkeeper who has ambitions of reaching the top.
We know what can be achieved if you put your mind to it, many of our consultants have already explored that path successfully, we therefore know the script you need to follow and our goal is simply to help players achieve their goals!

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