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Key Characteristics of Child Development

Key characteristics of child development and how they relate to the TinyTykes programme:

Emotional Development

Children at this age can experience excitement, anger, laughter and tears all within a few moments. The TinyTykes program is designed to have small player to coach ratios, as research shows that the more confident and secure the child feels, the better behaved and more emotionally stable they are likely to be.

This stable emotional environment provides the platform for optimum learning.

Physical Development

Toddlers are growing rapidly and changes in their body shape and size are ever apparent.

The TinyTykes program recognizes this development and focuses on activities where the child can achieve their goals, enabling confidence and success.

Social Development

Social development is enhanced throughout play and gives children an outlet to try out new ideas/skills. Games help refine their motor skills, showing them ways to deal with emotional conflicts and make sense of their place in the world.

Playing soccer as a group or a team is difficult with the younger ages as it limits the development of social interaction; the TinyTykes program is designed to have everyone with a ball the majority of the time.


Intellectual Development

Intellectual development simply refers to the child’s development of understanding, analyzing and evaluating concepts to make sense out of the world around them.

This developing ability is why the TinyTykes curriculum has games, songs and stories teaching engagement and concentration.

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