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Our Programmes

GK Icon run a number of different programs for children aged between 8-18; in schools, out of schools, term-time and during school holidays. All our programs map to our philosophy Play, Train, Compete and our 5 Phases of Development (click here for more details). There’s something for everyone, just type your postcode into our handy search box and we’ll show you all the programs running close to you. Some of the exciting programs on offer are detailed below:

Junior Player Development Courses

These term-time courses provide children aged 8-11 (phase 3) with regular development through the GK Icon curriculum. These sessions focus on individual techniques including; The ‘Set’ Position, Collapsing Saves, Diving Saves and Dealing with Crosses.

Academy Player Development Courses


These term-time courses provide children aged 12-15 (phase 4) or 16-18 (phase 5) with regular development through the GK Icon curriculum. These sessions have an increasing focus on tactical development whilst still maintaining individual technique work.


During holiday periods GK Icon offer vacation style soccer camps for players of all ages and abilities. Following either our Junior Curriculum (ages 8-11 / phase 3) or our Academy Curriculum (ages 12-18 / phases 4-5). These Camps offer a varied week of activities focusing on technical and tactical development whilst also understanding good match preparation and adapting to different match situations.

Club Development Programs

Give your Club teams the boost they need…
Our GK Icon Academy Trainers will work with your Club to provide professional training sessions incorporating all the components of the game. We’ll work with you to establish how our curriculum can dovetail into your existing training program, complementing your work and driving the success of your teams. Give your goalkeepers the specific training they deserve to improve at a similar speed to those on the outfield.


No matter what the occasion, GK Icon can help make it a huge success!
We provide a professional, licensed coach to host a birthday-themed soccer session at a location of your choice. Lots of fun-based games provide children with the perfect introduction to the GK Icon curriculum, we even provide the party bags!

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