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TetraBrazil Overview

The Brazilian style was evident from the first minute of the warm-up which was all about rhythm and coordination. The actual practices were very intense and modeled on quick 1 and 2 touch connections and freedom of movement after passing the ball. Incredibly hard working and quality coaches.


TetraBrazil Soccer Schools provide players with authentic Brazilian-based coaching, focusing on techniques and tactics that have helped to mould some of the world’s best players. Our professional coaches out in Brazil have developed the curriculum and have a full-time team based in Rio de Janeiro constantly ensuring it matches the training received by professional clubs across the country.

The TetraBrazil program has been running for over a decade now and has expanded and grown due to a high demand for professional soccer training with a unique Brazilian flavour. We currently have over 250 TetraBrazil trainers globally and it has been their high level of commitment and professionalism that has driven our success.

It is important to understand that there are different styles of soccer-play all over the world, Brazilians tend to play the ball out of the back with shorter, fast and secure passes, often switching the point of attack quickly. Brazilians train for much longer periods per week on SKILLS than probably any other nation.

TetraBrazil therefore encourages technical development; teaching players to control the ball, keep it on the ground at their feet and make sure someone is ready to receive the ball when it is passed.

The aims of the TetraBrazil Curriculums are for children:

  • To have fun
  • To learn, develop and define technique
  • To increase confidence and creativity
  • To contribute as a team player
  • To improve general health and fitness

The Junior Curriculum focuses on the 5-Steps to Success and incorporates The TetraBrazil Awards Scheme designed to assist repeat visits and encourage practice outside of sessions. The scheme is part peer and part coach assessed; there is also a focus on parents completing ‘mock’ assessments thus ensuring that children take an increasing level of responsibility for their own development, that parents are fully involved in the scheme and that there isn’t an over reliance on coaches to complete large numbers of assessments when they could be actively coaching.

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