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The TetraBrazil Philosophy

The TetraBrazil curriculum has been designed around our PLAY, TRAIN, COMPETE philosophy where we take players from the fun introductory years to the older and more competitive levels of play.

PLAY (TinyTykes and TetraBrazil)

The best teacher of the game is the game itself. Our coaches create environments, which encourage, creativity, experimentation, enjoyment, fun, a quality learning experience and a love for the game. This area of development is aimed at players from the ages of 18-months through 7 who are new to the game of soccer and are formulating the building blocks along with a love and passion for the game. (TetraBrazil starts from 5-7, children younger than that sit within our TinyTykes program)


TRAIN (TetraBrazil)

Our coaches train players technically and tactically over the course of the season, implementing professional training sessions developing their skills and preparing them for future competition. This area of development is aimed at players from 8 through 15 and its focus is based on high quality coaching sessions offering and working towards a technical proficiency and a desire to improve.


COMPETE (TetraBrazil)

Our coaches develop player’s current levels from a technical, tactical, physical and psychological standpoint as players and clubs improve to compete at Regional and even National Levels. This is the pinnacle of our philosophy and is aimed at challenging players aged from 16 through 18 to be the best that they can be and preparing the players for further playing experiences.

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