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TinyTykes Phases of Development

Our TinyTykes curriculum is the starting point of our five phases of development and becomes the foundation for progression into our TetraBrazil program.
The fundamental gross and fine motor skills developed in Phase 1 provide the foundation for progressing into any sport, so even if soccer isn’t continued the cross-transferrable skills your child will develop will get them ready for any sporting activity.

TinyTykes understand the importance of goal setting so have therefore designed progressive levels based on attendance within our two age specific modules (Cubs 18-months-3-years and Lions 4 and 5 year olds). There are 4 levels within both the Cubs and Lions modules:


TinyTykes Cub Program

Ball Control – Level 1 aims to get children comfortable with a football at both feet, basic ball manipulate work and receiving of the ball is covered in this level.

Dribbling – Level 2 gets the children using both feet to move the ball in different directions and different speeds, linking back to ball control from Level 1 to stop and turn with the ball.

Throwing and Catching – After focusing on foot-eye coordination in previous classes, Level 3 helps the children develop their hand-eye coordination particularly in relation to goalkeepers catching and distribution.

Passing – Level 4 focuses on passing the ball with both feet and in different ways and is the perfect pre-cursor to developing teamwork in the Lions Level 1 syllabus.


TinyTykes Lion Program

Team Play – The first level of the Lions Program takes the basic skills taught across the Cubs sessions and starts to look at how they can be improved through teamwork.

Attacking Moves – Level 2 gets the children adding attacking moves to their dribbling, tricks to get the ball around objects and into space.

Juggling – This confidence building level looks at using different parts of the body to manipulate the ball, a fun level that incorporates balance, volleying and juggling.

Shooting – Level 4 focuses on shooting the ball with both feet and in different ways and develops further on the passing skills taught in Cubs Level 4 sessions.
At the conclusion of every session each child receives a “Kicker Sticker” as acknowledgement of attendance, with a graduation certificate presented to each child at the final session of the level.
The TinyTykes syllabus has been developed in a way that enables children to join at any Level without the issue of having missed out on key developmental areas. It also means that the Levels don’t have to be completed in order, so late starters can stay with their friends that have been in the program before.
The syllabus has also been adapted for the delivery of Parties and Holiday Camps, enabling children to experience the program in an environment other than just a course of weekly sessions.

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